The Girl

Who am I?

I’m a pug theme song singer.

I buy outdated books if the latest edition doesn’t come in hardcover.

I think a grande flat white, a notebook, and a secluded seat at a coffee shop is a vacation.

To get in touch, email me at writeswithtools (at) gmail (dot) com

What do I write?

Everything I write seems to have a touch of fantasy and a smattering of the metaphysical.

More specifically (sort of), here’s what I’m working on:

Adult Para-Technothriller
[Outlining, On Hold]

Adult Psychological Horror
[Complete, Drawered . . . but Percol–aha!, Revising]

Middle Grade Mythic Fantasy 2
[Outlined, Drawered]

Middle Grade Mythic Fantasy
[Complete, Drawered]

Young Adult Contemporary Mythic Fantasy
[Drafted, Scrapped & Re-Drafted, Scrapped & Re-Drafted, Drawered]




One response to “The Girl

  1. I think you’re a genius. Where can I buy one of your novels?


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