The Girl

Who am I?

I’m a pug theme song singer.

I buy outdated books if the latest edition doesn’t come in hardcover.

I think a grande flat white, a laptop, and a secluded seat at a coffee shop is a vacation.

To get in touch, email me at writeswithtools (at) gmail (dot) com

What do I write?

Everything I write seems to have a touch of fantasy and a smattering of the metaphysical.

More specifically (sort of), here’s what I’m working on:

An Adult contemporary fantasy

Another Adult contemporary fantasy

Herb and Legend, Book 1: THE ILLUMINESSENCE, an Upper MG/YA crossover mythic fantasy
In Homer’s ancient Greece, 14yo Asclepius hones his knowledge of the powers of plants to save the girl he’s revived from death–and his cousins–from his dad’s pantheon of essence-stealing deities.

Herb and Legend, Book 2: THE FLUIDIOM, an Upper MG/YA crossover mythic fantasy
When a new pantheon is identified, Ace competes in a contest to replace a pantheon member with mysterious reasons for wanting to quit.
[Outlined, on hold]


One response to “The Girl

  1. I think you’re a genius. Where can I buy one of your novels?


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