The Girl

Who am I?

I’m a pug theme song singer.

I buy outdated books if the latest edition doesn’t come in hardcover.

I think a latte, a notebook, and a comfy seat in front of the fire is a vacation.  Bonus if I’ve got a view.

To get in touch, email me at writeswithtools (at) gmail (dot) com

What do I write?

Everything I write seems to have a touch of fantasy and a smattering of the metaphysical.

More specifically (sort of), here’s what I’m working on:

Adult Para-Technothriller
[Outlining, On Hold]

Adult Psychological Horror
[Complete, Drawered . . . but Percol–aha!, Revising]

Middle Grade Mythic Fantasy 2
[Outlined, Drawered]

Middle Grade Mythic Fantasy
[Complete, Drawered]

Young Adult Contemporary Mythic Fantasy
[Drafted, Scrapped & Re-Drafted, Scrapped & Re-Drafted, Drawered]

Why are you mostly anonymous?

This site is about the craft of writing and storytelling.  Aside from the curating, I’m pretty much irrelevant to that subject.



One response to “The Girl

  1. I think you’re a genius. Where can I buy one of your novels?


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