Start Here

The Plan

Or… What’s going on here?

What’s going on is: I have a bookshelf… or three… full of writing books.  Many of them I’ve read.  Most of them I have not.  It’s time to read them.

But we’re not doing a book-by-book review-type-of-thing here.

I’ve gone through the table of contents and indexes (or indices, if you prefer) of all these books and come up with twelve monthly themes and four or five tools under each theme, one of which we’ll tackle each week.

On Mondays, we’ll see what the master craftsmen have to say about the week’s tool.

On Wednesdays, we’ll look at how the master storytellers make use of said tool.

And on Fridays, we’ll (*Gulp*) share how we’ve applied the tool to our own writing.  It’ll be great.

So… Welcome!  I hope we can learn a lot from each other.  To follow the blog and receive notices by email when new tools post, click here!


So... whadaya think?

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