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Rhythm and Sequences: How Graeme Simsion does it

We’ve been looking at the rolling, mid-level rhythm of story, and how sequences might be the way to achieve that.  The Bestseller Code* gave us a list of the top ten books with good rhythms (none of which were as good/steady as TDC* and FSoG*).

The book I picked from the list to test the sequences=rhythm theory–the theory that sequences are the path to purposely developing this rhythm–was Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project,* and I think it was a good choice for several reasons.

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Sequences: What are they?

Last updated 2.18.20

Last post, I said I’d do a master storyteller post, or three, on Rhythm.  Well, I found that I needed more guidance. Continue reading

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Rhythm in Plotting: The Bestseller’s best-kept secret – Part 2

We’re looking at how to create the regular, rhythmic beat that The Bestseller Code* says exists in the top two bestselling adult books of all time, Fifty Shades of Gray* and The Da Vinci Code*.

When we left off last week, we were wondering how, specifically, to create this rhythm.

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