Scene Prompt #51: Conflicted

Last one! I made it! Woohoo! (If you're wondering why this is #51 instead of #52, it's because somewhere back around scene prompt #8, I did an #8.5. I don't know what I was thinking. But I'm not going to take the time to fix it, so . . . Anyhoo . . .) This … Continue reading Scene Prompt #51: Conflicted

Scene Prompt #50: What was the question?

The penultimate prompt! This is more of a revision process than a prompt, and you can use whatever scene you want--or all of them, because they all need what? Scene Questions. What's your scene question? Often it's the scene goal restated as a question with a yes or no answer. For this exercise, you'll follow … Continue reading Scene Prompt #50: What was the question?

Scene Prompt #40: Hey, watch your tone

Tone is described as the writer's attitude toward the material. In fiction it might be more helpful to think of it as the narrator's or point-of-view character's (POVC) attitude toward the story they're telling. For example, the narrator's view of the events might be cynical, satisfied, resigned, resentful, optimistic, wry, sincere, reverent . . . … Continue reading Scene Prompt #40: Hey, watch your tone