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Microtension: What is it and how do we get it onto the page?

People talk like microtension began and now idles with Donald Maass.  For Maass, microtension boils down to a conflict…a juxtaposition…a clashing of things, preferably emotions, but also ideas, concepts, anticipations, whatever–whatever’s available for contradiction in your story.  But is there more? More guidance? Continue reading

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Hooks Big and Small–How the Masters Do It

We looked at hooks last week, both concept hooks that pique our initial interest in a story and in-story hooks that keep us engaged from start to finish. Today we’re looking at how a few New York Times bestsellers hook us.  Continue reading

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Story Hooks: What are they?

In the last post, we discussed how the most important element in a logline is often the element that reveals the story’s hook(s).  But what is a hook?  Let’s find out. Continue reading


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