Tension, Conflict, Suspense: In our own stories

It's Tension, Conflict, Suspense week.  Let's see what kind of macrotension questions and conflicts we can come up with for the one-liners we've got going. 1. Our human-rights-attorney story: Set in the mid 1950's, against the backdrop of the first US Supreme Court case to affirm gay rights, a human rights lawyer joins a wealthy Los … Continue reading Tension, Conflict, Suspense: In our own stories

Core Conflict: What is it?

Conflict is the tool that fills up the vast majority of your story and provides the bumps that are the journey the reader takes from the opening character-with-a-goal to the closing character-who's-achieved-(or not)-her-goal. So . . . What is Conflict? Half a dozen masters put conflict this way:  two dogs, one bone. "The idea of … Continue reading Core Conflict: What is it?