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Clones: How the Masters Use Them

Some stories seem to lend themselves to lots of clones, others not so much.  These are the clones examples I’ve noticed in the books I’ve read lately. Continue reading

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Clones: Variations on Theme Through Character

Last updated 2.5.20

One way of showing theme and thematic premise is through comparing and contrasting the main character’s thematic traits with those of supporting characters. Characters who serve this function are often referred to as Continue reading


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Premise: Let’s see what you’ve got!

So, last week we sussed out possible themes of our working one-liners and concepts.  Let’s see if we can expand those themes into rough, working premisesContinue reading

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Premise: How the masters do it

So, we’re filling out the Master Premise Tool we developed on Monday: Continue reading

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Thematic Premise: What is it?

Theme. Theme Statement. Moral Premise. Controlling Idea. Armature.

There are lots of names for the tool we’re looking at today. And you should probably brace yourselves because the masters have a lot to say about it. Continue reading

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