Antagonists: In our own stories

So this week we're looking at how to make our antagonists as awesome and effective as they can be. Let's see what we can do with the antagonists we've got in the one-liners we're developing. 1. Our human-rights-attorney story: When the money runs out before the case against his transgender partner is over, a human rights … Continue reading Antagonists: In our own stories

Antagonists: How the masters do it.

Here are my takes on the antagonist breakdowns of the stories we looked at last week (for main character want, need, flaw, symptoms). Andy Weir’s The Martian This is a story about a guy who's left behind on Mars and has to survive until he can be rescued. Antagonist:  This is a man vs. nature … Continue reading Antagonists: How the masters do it.

Antagonists: How to create a great one.

The masters use many names for antagonists, including nemesis, opponent and villain.  Here's what they have to say... WHAT'S AN ANTAGONIST? The antagonist, or Nemesis, "is the character who most stands in the way of the hero achieving his or her outer motivation," says Michael Hauge. John Truby agrees:  "The opponent is the character who … Continue reading Antagonists: How to create a great one.