Introducing the Newsletter and a FREE, 19-page Character Development Workbook

Hello, People!

We started a newsletter. It’s a monthly-to-quarterly-ish newsletter, a way to check in with you, give you updates, and send you free worksheets and whatnot.

If you’re already a Tool updates subscriber through the Feedburner link (over there on the right) or by email through WordPress, then we’ve already added you to the list and sent you an email.

That email includes a link to a meaty, 19-page Character Development Workbook (the same one offered in the new subscriber pop-up you might have seen).

If you didn’t get the email check your junk mail (that’s where mine ended up =P).  It was sent on Sunday, March 11, at about 2:15 pm Pacific Standard Time.

If you’re a “following” subscriber through WordPress (or new here!), you can join the newsletter and get your copy of the Workbook right here.

I hope you find it helpful.

And if you like it a whole lot, please share it.  There are share buttons below.


So... whadaya think?

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