Scene Prompt #14: The Big Fight

Do you know what your book’s about?

For this prompt, you need to know the main character’s overall story goal. You also need to know who the goal’s main opponent is, the one character who embodies the opposite philosophical position.

Yeah, I said opposite philosophical position: We’re going to pretend these two characters are captains of their respective debate teams and put them head-to-head on opposite sides of the debate.

This exercise may fit very nicely into your story’s climactic scene or, if you’re very much a shower and not a teller (and good for you if you are), it might not. It might instead give you fodder to slip into your story here and there. Or it might give you insight into the story’s thematic premise. Or it might help you turn your mustache-twirling two-dimensional bad guy into someone who makes some decent points and thus comes off as a little more real. Or it might help you find holes in your planning. All good things.

So, pick who’s going first, craft their opening statement about why they do or don’t want the goal to happen, and be on your debating way.

If you want to procrastinate get a better feel for how debates work, I googled it for you.

Also, for extra credit, I give you two options:

  1. Take your opponents away from their debating tables and put them in a setting that represents the goal/issue. Have them move around in the setting and use what’s available to make their points.
  2. Figure out where your other characters fit on the issue continuum and how their positions each differ from each other. Have them weigh in as well.

Book that inspired this prompt:


Well, that’s it for me!

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2 thoughts on “Scene Prompt #14: The Big Fight

  1. I’m really enjoying your series of prompts because they’re so meaty. You’re helping me exercise my way to a richer story. Thank you!


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