Important Note to Subscribers

First off, thank you for subscribing to WWT’s blog posts. I really appreciate it.

Here’s the news: FeedBurner is ending their email subscription support. This means that if you want to keep receiving WWT posts, we’ll need to get your email moved to a new subscription manager.

It turns out that WordPress provides their own subscription support. In fact, a few of you are already subscribed that way. (Silly me, I did not know this was an option when I started the site, and I was always surprised when someone’s subscription showed up in the dashboard. =P )

Anyway, I thought about just migrating everybody from FeedBurner to WordPress, but after checking it out a bit, I think I’d have to do it by hand (bleh . . . someone please correct me if I’m wrong), and even if I did, you’d still have to confirm the subscription for it to activate . . . So then I figured that if I were subscribed to something I appreciated and I had to resubscribe to keep getting the posts, I probably wouldn’t even wait for the site to move me. I’d take action and move myself. So . . .

I leave it to you: If you like WWT posts and want to make sure you keep getting them, you can resubscribe right here:

I hope you stick with us.



  1. The subscription box won’t take my email.
    I had trouble getting the subscription box to take my email too. I eventually signed out of WordPress, and it took my email just fine. So if you have a WordPress account and you’re having issues subscribing, try signing out.
  2. I resubscribed, but I haven’t gotten any posts.
    You have to confirm your subscription, so be on the lookout for that email. Check your spam. (And move us to the safe list! =D )
  3. What about the newsletter?
    This only affects people subscribed to the blog posts via FeedBurner, not newsletter subscribers. The newsletter subscription (I use Mailchimp) is unaffected.
  4. Now I’m getting two notices for every post. / When is FeedBurner ending its support?
    FeedBurner is ending its support–or beginning to end its support–in July. It didn’t get any more specific than that. If two notices bother you, unsubscribe from the FeedBurner one. The FeedBurner one is sparse and says it’s powered by Google at the bottom of the email. (The WordPress one has more detail in the header, including my name (Megan) and a pug face (that’s Izzy).)

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