Scene Prompt #20: Worst Moment Ever

This is the flip side of last week’s prompt. We’re creating those peaks and valleys found in mega bestsellers.

So, building that rollercoaster . . . Given that you’re taking the time to write this character’s story, there’s almost guaranteed to be a moment that makes his list of five all-time worst moments ever. Right?

Which scene is it?

Now, what is it about this scene, this moment–the big moment and the salt-in-the-wound detail moments that underscore it–what is it about this that was so gut wrenching for the character? Who inflicted this moment upon the character? Who witnessed this moment, making it suck all the more? When and where did this take place, compounding how terrible it was? Why did this happen to your poor character?

And what was the ray of light, the silver lining, the phoenix that rose from the ashes of this scene?

Got it all?

Write the scene.

Book that inspired this prompt


That’s it for me!

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