Scene Prompt #21: The Funhouse Mirror

For this prompt, pick a scene you’re not too excited about.

It can be written already or it can be one you’ve been putting off because . . . meh.

We’re going to try to give this scene life (or more life, as the case may be) by looking for ways to make what the characters are doing . . . bigger. More interesting. More exaggerated.

I almost called this prompt The Exaggeration, but I thought that might be more limiting than it needs to be. Exaggerated is good, but you can also make the actions and dialogue absurd. Or just enhanced. If the characters are happy, make them over the moon. If they’re angry, make them vibratingly livid. And give them the actions and dialogue that suggest this enhancement.

If you have trouble coming up with ways to make actions or dialogue bigger, try this: Make a list of adjectives–odd, ridiculous, obscene, heart-warming, magical, brow-raising, whatever–list about twenty of them. Fill a page, one adjective per line, all different. Now go through the list and write down an action or dialogue, whatever you’re working on, that both fits the moment of the scene and the adjective.

Got some ideas? Write the scene.

Books that inspired this prompt

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