Scene Prompt #23: Never would I ever

Stories are all about tension, right? Conflict. For this prompt, we’re going to try to create a scene with the most character-specific tension possible.

So, with that in mind . . . what’s the one thing your character would never do?

This should be something that’s story-relevant. Your character and your plot should be entwined enough that the plot is making her do things she doesn’t want to do. So what’s the one, story-specific thing she would never do?

If you need inspiration look to your character’s flaw. This could be something their ingrained defense mechanisms prevent them from doing. Or it could be something they’ve vowed never to do.

Got it?

Okay, now what’s the one thing that could force her to change her mind?

I said could force her to change her mind. Maybe she doesn’t. That’s okay. That’s still a bunch of tension leading up to her choice. But, her choice does affect this prompt (maybe).

If the force is enough to change her mind, write that scene. Then write the scene where she does the thing she doesn’t want to do.

If the force isn’t enough to change her mind, still write the scene. And then write the scene where she lives with the consequences of her choice.

(Or write both versions and see which version your story likes best.)

In either case, when all was said and done, did the character think her choice was worth it? Does she have any regrets? (Did you find any good story fodder? I hope so.)

That’s it for me

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