Scene Prompt #27: Hate me, Love me

Does your main character have any frenemies? A foe who becomes a friend?

For this prompt, we’re looking for shifting characters. One of my favorite types of show episodes is when the main character’s antagonist–not Big Bad, usually, but an antagonist–becomes the character’s friend. The main character gets taken hostage in a bank robbery with the FBI guy who’s been hounding him, and in working together to thwart the bank robbers, they develop a sort of friendship. That sort of thing.

So, does your story have any characters antagonizing your protagonist who could, through some shared experience, soften a little towards each other?

Which character?

What event might they share? What problem could they be forced to resolve together? If you can, pick something theme-related that moves the plot forward.

Write the scene.

That’s it for me!

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