Scene Prompt #45: Storyboard

For this prompt, pick a scene you may be resisting because you’re not sure how to write it. I’ve got one right now that I should be writing that I haven’t written (yet!) because it’s “big.”

Let’s tackle that scene.

How? By asking ourselves: What is the core of this scene?

There are several ways to get at the core. One is to determine the story’s mission. One is to determine it’s turning point. But for this prompt, pretend this scene is in a comic book, and you’re describing for the artist–who is dedicating a whole page to this particular scene moment–the core of the scene.

What is the setting? Where is the character in this setting? What’s around him? What’s he holding? Who else is there? How would you draw them? What are they wearing?

What is the key piece of emotion-driven thought in the thought bubble? What are the facts? What is the POV character’s analysis of those facts?

What is the key piece of dialogue in the dialogue bubble? What is the emotional truth of this scene?

What is the key action taking place?

You, of course, aren’t writing a comic book, so there will be more to the scene than just this moment, but once you’ve got this moment, writing that other stuff should be easier. If it’s not, then do this same kind of thing for the other panels/key moments in the scene.

Got it? Cool. Have fun. Write the scene.

Book that inspired this prompt

That’s it for me!

How about you? How do you go about tackling Herr Resistance and the scenes that prompt it? Tell us in the comments!

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