Scene Prompt #17: The Frozen Moment

I'm taking this one wholesale from Tom Spanbauer. Forever ago, I took a week-long class from him, and he gave us a pre-class assignment (your prompt): Write about a moment after which you [or your character] were different. That's it. That's all he said. No further explanation. I, however, will give you a little more: … Continue reading Scene Prompt #17: The Frozen Moment

Scene Prompt #15: Slow Motion

In real life, when things are really stressful or scary, time can seem to slow down. You catch more details. You have more time to process, even more time to move your body if necessary. In life, slow motion probably doesn't happen very often, but in story--really, in every scene--there's a moment where things change, … Continue reading Scene Prompt #15: Slow Motion