Scene Prompt #41 : Bust a Move

For this prompt, pick a scene where your characters have to move about for a few paragraphs. It could be a fight scene. Could be an extraction scene. Could be a scene where your character slips and falls into a pond. Whatever's going on, pick a scene where you have to describe some kind of … Continue reading Scene Prompt #41 : Bust a Move

Scene Prompt #40: Hey, watch your tone

Tone is described as the writer's attitude toward the material. In fiction it might be more helpful to think of it as the narrator's or point-of-view character's (POVC) attitude toward the story they're telling. For example, the narrator's view of the events might be cynical, satisfied, resigned, resentful, optimistic, wry, sincere, reverent . . . … Continue reading Scene Prompt #40: Hey, watch your tone

Scene Prompt #39: Gimme the Goods Redux

What's you're genre? If you were here last week, you probably already know. You might even have a list of your genre's characteristics and conventions, what the reader expects to see, experience, and feel, plus a list of how your story--its concept, plot, and characters--fulfills those requirements. Last week we looked at the opening scene. … Continue reading Scene Prompt #39: Gimme the Goods Redux