Scene Prompt #27: Hate me, Love me

Does your main character have any frenemies? A foe who becomes a friend? For this prompt, we're looking for shifting characters. One of my favorite types of show episodes is when the main character's antagonist--not Big Bad, usually, but an antagonist--becomes the character's friend. The main character gets taken hostage in a bank robbery with … Continue reading Scene Prompt #27: Hate me, Love me

Scene Prompt #26: The Meet-Ugly

Is this a thing? Google says it is, but in a way that's different from where I was going to go with it. Maybe I should instead call this the meet-tense. The meet-bad? Well, whatever. We're doing the scene where the main character and the bad guy first meet. I'm thinking it probably has a … Continue reading Scene Prompt #26: The Meet-Ugly