Scene Prompt #31: Ghosts

Is your character haunted? I mean metaphorically, but literally works too. They could be haunted by a person, past or present. Or an event past or present. Or a regret, something that didn't happen that they wish had happened. This prompt might seem similar to The Secret, but it doesn't have to be. This character-haunting … Continue reading Scene Prompt #31: Ghosts

Scene Prompt #30: Location, Location, Location

What's your story's setting? Is there a place--a city, a building, a park--the characters keep coming back to? For this prompt, think about the main or recurring setting. What's its history? How long has it been around? What was it before? Who used it before? What interesting things, big or small, happened there? When? Why? … Continue reading Scene Prompt #30: Location, Location, Location