Scene Middles: Middle = Conflict, Part 1 (of 3)

"Now: We've opened a potential scene," as Jack Bickham says, "We have a character, we have a goal that relates to the story goal, and this short-term scene goal has been stated in no uncertain terms. What next?  It must be conflict." Why Conflict? No conflict, no tension "Look for conflicts," says Syd Field, "make … Continue reading Scene Middles: Middle = Conflict, Part 1 (of 3)

Scene Prompt #23: Never would I ever

Stories are all about tension, right? Conflict. For this prompt, we're going to try to create a scene with the most character-specific tension possible. So, with that in mind . . . what's the one thing your character would never do? This should be something that's story-relevant. Your character and your plot should be entwined … Continue reading Scene Prompt #23: Never would I ever

Scene Elements: Beginnings = Orientation

Scenes! They begin at their beginnings. But what, exactly, does that mean? What elements do you need to ensure you include in a scene's beginning? 1. Beginnings Element: Scene Positioning, aka Reader Orientation "Generally, when you look at published fiction to isolate and examine scenes, you may experience some initial difficulty locating the start of … Continue reading Scene Elements: Beginnings = Orientation